Fabia and the Magic Mirror in Colour! by © Jacqueline Miller 3.8.15

Fabia and the Magic Mirror by © Jacqueline Miller 3rd August 2015
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This is a picture I drew using my finger on my ipad2. I was just messing about when, suddenly, Fabia appeared looking into a magic mirror.

I coloured it in using a program on PC and some Android apps the next day.

Fabia is a character in a Fantasy novel I’m writing. This has been my Campnano project during July.


Fabia and the Magic Mirror


I was playing around with an old app which I’d never used on my ipad2 at the weekend, and the drawing above appeared. Fabia is a main character in a book I’m writing, but whose reflection is it in the mirror?

Ooh, SPOOKY!!!!

This is the first time I’ve done any drawing since my father died a few months ago.  I participated in Campnano during April and July this year which has kept me busy writing my fantasy books.


Here is a 10 minute sketch of a villain in a book I’m writing.By © Jacqueline Miller 18th May 2015


I’m writing a fantasy novel and like to draw pictures of the characters in my story. This is a ten minute sketch which I’ve just done of Matthias. He’s a villain who’s mission is to kill my main character. I used black Biro which means getting everything right first time!

I’ve bought so many art apps and tried so many computer programs but now I realise that nothing beats drawing on paper, taking a photograph and uploading your drawing.

It’s much quicker, too, because all the technology gets in the way.

© Jacqueline Miller 18th May 2015