Camp Nano 2015 and some art work for the books I’m writing. Jacqueline Miller

Camp Nano 2015 and some Art Work


Well, I apologise for not blogging for a while!

At the moment  I’m doing Camp nano which is similar to Nanowrimo but somehow friendlier as you are in a virtual cabin with up to eleven people. In each cabin there’s a message board which is a bit like having a private chat room,  so it’s social and inspiring. Most of us have “met” at previous” November write month”, events so it’s nice to catch up with what everyone else is writing.

The other thing that makes the Camp friendlier is that you don’t have to write 50,000 words, but can set your own goal. I’ve set myself 20,000 words and have written nearly 19,000 already-and there are two weeks to go. You also don’t have to start a new work, so I’m using the camp to continue writing a  fantasy trilogy about magic and time travel.

Here is a sketch of one of the characters in my current novel. Her name is Amelie and she is on a mission to harm my main character, Lucy.

I drew it freestyle on paper in Biro from my imagination, took a photograph using an Android tablet and then uploaded it onto my computer.



I then used GIMP to colour it. This is the first time I’ve used GIMP, so it’s a bit experimental. It seems to have some useful features. The hand at the bottom of the picture belongs to someone who Amelie thinks was snooping outside her bedroom door.

I’ll post the complete picture later in the week.

I like to illustrate my scenes as I write them as it’s fun!

Are you doing Campnano and if so, how’s it going?

Copyright Jacqueline Miller 12th April 2015