Oh, Please Be Mine! A Medieval Love Poem From A Knight to the Princess He Loves by Jacqueline Miller

Today I wrote a poem for day 11 of the writing challenge I’m participating in for Mythic Scribes.

I hope you enjoy reading it. It’s humorous, but I also found it sad because it was about a pure and true love, and the poor knight was imprisoned in a dungeon.


Day 11-Bard Prompt-Write a story about the worst bard in existence.

Oh, Please Be Mine!

A Medieval Love Poem From a Knight To The Princess He Loves by Jacqueline Miller

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a kingdom far away, lived a knight who fell in love with a beautiful Princess.

The Princess fell in love with him, too. They wanted to marry but her father, a greedy King, sent the knight away on various quests to prove his love.

( The author of these tales of Zanderlands has previously written a Valentine’s poem about their love; but this authentic poem was found in the Kingdom of Verucka, written on the wall of a dungeon in the fortress of the King of the Goblins. The author has translated it from the old fashioned form containing such words as ‘thou’ and ‘thy’, and updated it to this modern version.)

The Princess Fenella found a copy of this poem written inside the flyleaf of a book gifted to her by Sir Lanceypot. These words were also discovered written on the wall of a dungeon as stated above.

Oh, Please Be Mine!

Oh, Princess Fen, you are most fair
With lustrous shiny golden hair
I’d know your perfume anywhere
Oh, please be mine!

Your father is a noble king
With lots of gold and everything
I’d serenade if I could sing
Oh, please be mine!

You live inside a castle tall
I’ve watched you dancing at a Ball
You are the fairest of them all
Oh, please be mine!

And while inside that castle tall
We danced together at the Ball
You are the sweetest one of all
Oh, please be mine!

We kissed outside the castle grand
We stood together hand in hand
We even listened to the band
Oh, please be mine!

Your father is a greedy King
He loves gold more than anything
I’ll have to give you BOTH a ring
Oh, please be mine!

But now he’s sent me on a quest
To kill a dragon in the West
I’ve told him I will try my best
Oh, please be mine!

But should I die and not come home
You know my love’s for you alone
I’ll love you, Fen, where ‘ere I roam
Oh, please be mine!

I trust my love is not in vain
I think that you still feel the same
I hope that soon you’ll share my name
Oh, please be mine!

I hope you feel the way I do
You know I want to marry you
I swear to be forever true
If you’ll be mine!

The words in the dungeon were by Anon

But Princess Fenella’s copy was signed,

‘Sir Cedric Lanceypot, with love.’

Written by: Jacqueline Miller

© Jacqueline Miller 2014: Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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