The Knight and the Case of Mistaken Identity by Jacqueline Miller

Well, I’ve reached day 6 of the challenge on Mythic Scribes. As you can see, today’s post was another difficult one to interpret. I didn’t have any idea where this was going to go. I started off with the image of a knight waiting outside a cave with a sleeping monster inside and let the characters take it where they wanted!

I hope you enjoy reading it!


Day 6-Monster Prompt-Write a story in which a monster works amongst humans.

The Knight and the Case of Mistaken Identity

By Jacqueline Miller
(860 words)

The knight approached the place carefully. He remembered that this was where the creature hibernated during the winter. Brown and yellow leaves blew across his path. They were the first signs of the passing of autumn.

As he paused to listen, he heard a loud wheezing sound that merged then soared above the noise of the wind. He moved forward and stood next to the dark entrance of a cave.

With his sword at the ready, the knight slipped into the dim cavity, his armour clanking softly.

The grey light from the doorway illuminated a large, lumpen shape, that rose and fell as it snored. It was the source of the wheezing sound that had drawn him towards the cave.

The knight stood still, silently contemplating the creature. It would be so easy to kill it- all he had to do was thrust his sword and the deed would be done. But the moment passed as he recalled the well known saying:

“Always let monsters and sleeping dogs lie!”

Instead, he moved to the back of the cave where he found only rocks.

“How odd, “the knight muttered. “Last time I was here there was a huge pile of gold. Where’s it gone? Perhaps it’s hidden it under its blanket.”

High above him, hanging on hooks at the back of the cave, he could see a couple of skeletons. The smaller of the two looked strangely familiar, with lustrous golden hair. As the knight stared, he noticed the familiar talisman on a chain around the skeleton’s neck. He reached up, grabbed the chain and tore it off, then gasped with horror.

Something had stirred behind him.

He turned around.

From under the blanket a shape was rising.

The blanket fell away, revealing a purple monster with two heads, amber flecked green eyes and red mouths that flickered like traffic lights behind jagged yellow teeth, dripping with saliva. Long, lethal, purple claws reached out to grab him.

The knight swiftly lifted his sword and chopped off one of the monster’s arms.

“Take that you ________ brute!”

The monster screamed in pain.

“I’ve come to get my revenge!” cried the knight.

“What the ???!!!! Ow! “yelled the monster, as the knight sliced off one of its heads.

“Don’t do it, Derrick!”cried the monster, weakly, from its remaining head. “You’re making a dreadful mistake!”

“That’s for killing my sister!” Derrick cried, swinging his sword to detach one of the foul creature’s legs below the knee. “Did you think I’d not recognise her?” He held up the talisman on its chain. “I thought you were my friend, Belga, but you’re just like the rest!”

As the beast fell to the ground, Derrick grabbed his dagger and plunged it repeatedly into the monster’s two hearts.

The monster collapsed with a sound like air escaping from a balloon. It lay in a puddle of sticky green blood.

Its wheezing ceased: it was dead!

Derrick turned to see an amorphous two headed ghostly apparition rising from the depths of the grey blanket.

The ghost was pointing a gnarled green fluorescent finger at him.

Derrick sprang backwards, screaming in fright: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“Oh, evil knight!” screeched the ghost, opening its mouths to show several rows of vampirish, sharp yellow teeth.

“From now on, Derrick Bertilak, you shall be cursed! Known only as the Green Knight, you shall wander this Earth, unable to die and never to know Peace! Prepare to meet thy doom!”

There was a wizzing sound, a bit like a washing machine in spin-dry mode, and the ghost began to turn around in a terrestrially charged vortex.

The knight screamed again: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Raising his sword for protection, he tried to escape from the cave.

“You’re a monster amongst men!” screamed the ghost. “You’ve killed Agra!”

“No, I’ve killed Belga!”Derrick replied, angrily.”I’ve got my revenge for the monster’s murders.”

He ran out of the cave. The ground trembled beneath his feet as loud footsteps approached.

He tried to hide in the shadows as another two headed purple monster strode towards him.

“Oh, hello Derrick, I’m so glad you’re here!”the monster greeted him, warmly. “I’ve hidden the gold and got my brother to rescue two humans from the lair of our enemy, the Goblins of Verucka.

Unfortunately, he was too late to save them as the goblins had already killed them. But you can give their remains a proper burial in your family vault. Agra couldn’t come with me as his asthma’s real bad, today. Come meet him: he’s sleeping in the cave.

Hey, what’s wrong, Derrick? Speak to me, my friend!

Derrick, why are you crying?

Derrick, where are you going?

Come back!


Written by: Jacqueline Miller

© Jacqueline Miller 2014: Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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