The Green Knight Helps the Princesses Prepare for Battle by Jacqueline Miller

This is my third entry for the challenge I’m doing on Mythic Scribes. I’ve had to write 3 stories, today, just to keep up!

Day 3. Battle Prompt – Write a story about a battle in which no one’s feet touch the ground.

The Green Knight Helps the Princesses Prepare for Battle by Jacqueline Miller

(1053 words)

Princess Fenella stood on an upturned box and so did Princess Charmane. They were in the stables and the Green Knight was giving them a lesson in swordsmanship.

“My teacher always told me to stand on a box,” the knight explained. “He believed it enables you to balance and to thrust with your sword without falling over. Look!” He jumped onto a wooden crate nearby and waved his sword around above his head then thrust it down into the ground.

“I did such a stroke, earlier, to kill that rat.”

“Yes, that’s what impressed me to ask you to meet us here,” Fenella said.”Few swordsmen could kill a rat so cleanly and with just one swipe.”

“The animal would have felt little pain,” the knight agreed. “A swift death is a kind one.”

“But you can’t take part in a whole battle like this, can you?” Charmane asked. “How will you find a box to stand on in a battlefield? I don’t see the purpose.”

“Neither do I,” said Fenella. She sprang lightly off the box. “I knew when I saw you execute that rat earlier, Sir Knight, that you have the skills I need for my company. But we do not require a pretend battle. My sister and I must equip ourselves for a real war.”

The knight looked surprised. “Of course, you would need real armour and swords if you were to go into battle,” he explained. “But this is just for fun, is it not, fair lady, sweet maiden? We have just had a pretend battle where our feet did not touch the ground.You are not contemplating fighting a real war but are just having some fun at my expense!”

“Indeed we are not!” Fenella replied. “Why, I spoke to the blacksmith earlier and he is forging suits of armour for us now.”

The knight looked perplexed.

“But armour is expensive,” said he. “Why, only noblemen can afford to become knights.”

Fenella and Charmane looked amused by this statement.

“Do you not know that we are rich noblewomen?” Charmane asked.
Fenella smiled at her sister. “Why, I believe this knight does not know who we are!”
The knight shrugged and wiped his brow.
“You are but two wenches that live in the palace. What are you: ladies in waiting?”
“We are the heiresses to the kingdom of Zanderlands,” said Fenella, indignantly.
“Actually, to be precise, I am,” Charmane said, “as I am the eldest. Whoever marries me shall be husband to the future Queen!”

The knight looked at her plain countenance and appeared to be perplexed. Then realisation seemed to connect with his brain and he bent his knee. He looked acutely embarrassed as he said:

“Forgive me, your majesties, for I did not know you. As I said, I am new to this kingdom and was just passing through. Although, I had heard mention that the King had two daughters, I knew not that you were they.”

“Arise, Sir Knight, you are forgiven,” Fenella said. “I am the Princess Fenella and this is my sister, Princess Charmane.”

“What’s YOUR name?” Charmane asked, rudely.

“My enemies call me the Green Knight, but my friends call me Derrick,” the knight replied.”Derrick Bertilak at your service.”

Just then the door to the stables opened and Doran Rustin entered. Princess Fenella thought he looked much smarter than when she had seen him in the stables earlier. He wore clean clothes and a new pair of boots. His hair appeared to have been washed and brushed.

Fenella asked to be excused and went to speak with the squire. If Derrick had doubted that the fair lady was indeed a princess he was convinced now that her words were true, for the squire bowed and spoke to her with much reverence and respect.

It was clear from their conversation that the princess was rustling up a company to go to the Wilkielands to try and rescue the knights who’d been kidnapped by the goblins of Verucka.

“I sat in on the King’s war council,”Doran said, “but they were very indecisive. Your father seemed more intent on stealing the Geranium cup from the dragon’s den than rescuing Sir Lanceypot and his company from the goblins.”

The squire looked up then and noticed the Green Knight eavesdropping on their conversation. In a moment his hand had grabbed the hilt of his sword as he cried,

“Who is this stranger?”

“Oh, that’s Derrick,” Charmane replied. “Known as the Green Knight.”

The squire raised his sword.

“Who are you?”he demanded.

“I am the Green Knight! I come to serve the Princesses of Zanderlands in their hour of need.”

Derrick turned to face Fenella and her sister. ” I would be honoured to join your company,” he said. “For I, too, have been wronged by the Goblins of Verucka, and wish to effect my revenge.”

Doran Rustin did not seem impressed by this speech. He spoke to Princess Fenella.

“Your majesty, I don’t believe your father will allow you to fight,” he said.

“That’s why we shan’t be telling him,” the princess replied. “Charmane will have to pretend she is going to marry the goblin king, while we travel behind and rescue the knights, defeat the goblins and kill their king. Then all we will have to do is capture the Geranium Cup from the dragon so that I can marry my dear Lancey.”

“Do we have your support?” Princess Charmane asked, jumping down off her box and landing like a sack of potatoes on the straw.

“It sounds fun!” said the Green Knight. “I love a good old fashioned quest.”

Doran Rustin sighed.

“Very well.”

The two princesses spoke in unison.

“And remember, don’t tell the king!”

Written by: Jacqueline Miller
© Jacqueline Miller 2014: Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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