The Green Knight by Jacqueline Miller

Here is my entry for day two of a flash fiction writing challenge. I hope you enjoy it.


Day 2: Knight Prompt- Write a story in which a knight kills for the wrong reasons.

The Green Knight by Jacqueline Miller

(800 words)

While King Norbit’s knights were planning to go to war against the Verucka Goblins and the dragon, poor Princess Charmane sat in her bedchamber in floods of tears.

“Why must I be sacrificed in order to save the kingdom?”she sobbed. “It just isn’t fair! How can I marry the Goblin King? I haven’t even met him!”

“I agree,” Princess Fenella replied.”But it’s your own fault, Char, for getting Roger Pigasso to paint that portrait of you. It didn’t look at all like you, except for having black hair.”

“Well, how was I to know it would get into the hands of the goblin king?”Charmane wailed. “I wanted Prince Andrew of the Wilkielands to see it and marry me. It’s not fair!” She stamped her foot, angrily. “It’s usually you who all the knights fall in love with, Fen. Why hasn’t anyone at the court ever fallen in love with me?”

“I don’t know.” Princess Fenella twirled a strand of her long golden hair around her delicate fingers. She’d had to deal diplomatically with Charmane’s jealousy all her life. “But they’re wasting their time,” she said,”as I’m not interested in any of them. The only man for me is Lancey; but because of father’s obsession with gold, he keeps sending my darling Lancey off on quests to fetch more and more golden cups, instead of letting us get married.”

Princess Charmane could not suppress a small pang of guilt as she heard her sister’s words.

She remembered that she had been instrumental in persuading King Norbit to send her sister’s betrothed to fetch the golden Geranium Cup from the dragon’s lair. She had not cared that the brave and handsome knight had only recently returned from a quest to fetch another golden cup from the evil Harpies who’d lived in the West of the kingdom.

“I think most of the gold in the throne room has melted,” Charmane said. “Maybe Father can have it made into a golden statue of himself, then he can gaze at it all day!”

Fenella shot her a warning glance.

“Don’t suggest that to Father, or he will be sure to think it a good idea and have one made.”

Charmane smirked, and turned her misaligned green eyes in the general direction of her sister.

“Why not? He can send it to the court of the Verucka goblins and maybe their king will fall in love with HIM!”

Just then, they heard a snarling noise outside the window.

Fenella looked out and saw an enormous rat being chased by a ginger cat across the castle courtyard. A knight wearing unusual green armour was striding past. Looking up,he noticed the fair Princess Fenella at her window. Then he looked down and saw the rat crossing his path. Lifting his sword, he decapitated the foul creature with one swipe. The cat gave a cry of alarm, its ginger fur bristling as if it had been given an electric shock. It leapt over the bits of bloody dead rat and bounded out of sight.

The knight wiped his blade clean on a nearby patch of grass, then looked up at the princess and bowed gallantly.

“Good morning,” he called.

“Good morning, brave knight,” Fenella replied, with a smile. “Thank you for helping us rid our kingdom of vermin.”

“Oh, no problem. Actually, I was just trying out my new blade,” the knight continued, “and my new suit of armour. Do you like it?” He turned around clunkily so she could have a good look.

“It’s an unusual colour.”

“Who are you talking to? Who? Who?” Charmane demanded curiously. She hurried over to the window, shoved Fenella out of the way, and looked out.

“Who are you?” she demanded of the knight.

The knight, having completed a turn of 360 degrees, seemed shocked at seeing Charmane’s ugly face instead of Fenella’s beautiful one at the window.

“Er…just call me ‘the green knight’,” he replied.”I’m new around here.” He began to move away but Fenella pushed her sister aside and looked out again.

“Come meet me in the stables in ten minutes,” Fenella shouted.

“Sure. Right. Yes. I’d love to!”

“But can you reveal your face so I can recognise you?”

The knight took off his helmet then. He had fair hair and a strong, rugged sort of face. Not as handsome as Lancey of course, but not bad, Fenella thought.

“Cor, he’s a bit of all right!”Charmane said, loudly, peering through the window.”But what are you up to, Fen?”

Fenella withdrew her head from the window. She had a thoughtful expression on her face.

“I have a plan. I think this knight may be able to help us…”

Written by: Jacqueline Miller
© Jacqueline Miller 2014: Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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