Writing the Subplot for a Cartoon Series by Jacqueline Miller


Writing the Subplot by Jacqueline Miller

My cartoon series, The Wrong Spell, started accidentally. I was playing around with an educational cartoon app and suddenly I had a story: a witch turned a vampire into a pig.

Now that I’m producing my own original artwork it’s taking longer to write each strip. I’m using an iPad to do the drawings and a cartoon app template. It’s quite difficult to do the bubbles and write the script via the software. I’m debating whether to draw it freehand or whether it’s better in colour or black and white.

Now, I’m writing the subplot. Gerald has an old love who is stalking him.

While doing this, I’m also writing two other Fantasy books for the July Campnano. I began the prequel at the last NaNoWriMo, and the original book the year before.

Today, I’m researching vampires in literature. This has taken me on a new journey looking at Dracula, the Twilight books, Poe and even the song, Lady Eleanor,by Lindisfarne.

Who said writing Fantasy is easy?



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