Gerald the Vampire with Attitude by Jacqueline Miller

I’ve been playing around with some apps this evening. I’ve made a new sketch of Gerald the vampire. Perhaps I’ll use this in the cartoon!



The Wrong Spell 8 A Cartoon by Jacqueline Miller

Here is The Wrong Spell 8 continuing my story of poor Gerald, a vampire who’s been turned into a pig.

I’m now doing my own drawings for copyright reasons, so I’ve made them different to the originals. I hope you, my dear readers and valued followers, do not mind!

Once I’ve drawn all the characters I hope to advance the plot. Gerald was rather a handsome vampire. Maybe he can turn back at some point? But not yet!

Does this story contain an element of Shrek? Or Twilight, perhaps?


A Cartoon About Procrastination, or Why We Haven’t Finished Writing Our Song! by Jacqueline


This is actually true!

I even procrastinated over drawing this cartoon. There are now 14 versions of the picture of Ros at the piano. I spent all of Sunday afternoon trying to illustrate it using different media. Then I procrastinated over which one to use.

This is the version Ros likes best. She says it’s because of the colourful musical notes.